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Vertical War-Ruins Dimension only accessible from nether portals in the end


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    (continued) The lore extends: in an attempt to create a special weapon to defeat the invaders, the locals try to create a special monster similar to but stronger than the wither, which wipes them out (or forces them into hiding or out of that dimension, potentially extending to more lore and dimensions). This monster now resides somewhere in this dimension, only to be found guided by spirit eyes, crafted with eyes of ender combined with spirit shards, which are items traded from spirits of the deceased that still wonder around, unable to build or mine, only able to trade to survive. These spirits can be local mobs. Back to the wither-ish monster, which is effectly a Boss, when defeated, drops an egg basket, which can be used with the egg dropped by the ender dragon to birth a new ender-dragon, which if groomed and fed properly, can become an ally / pet; otherwise can pose a bigger threat, creating its own end-crystals.