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Advancement Display Toast


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    Cab13Nutz1502 commented
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    Epic idea

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    AD3rb commented
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    Could be implemented on vanilla too.


    /advancement create <AdvancementName>

    /advancement goal <AdvancementName> <GoalType> <Argument> | GoalType can be kills, deaths, or dummy, etc.. and the <Argument> is different for each GoalType like if you chose kills then the <Argument> can use a json format that can contain mob name, his name, age etc..... And If you chose dummy then it will only show with a command like:

    /advancement show <AdvancementName>

    then /advancement settings <AdvancementName> <Icon/Title/Description/FadeIn/FadeOut> <value>

    Icon can be an item or any image, Title should only be one line, Description can contain more than one line using "/n" character, FadeIn and FadeOut are self-explanatory.

    should be live-updated too like that image you posted so we prevent the creation of too many advancements for only a number change.