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Lua Mod Loader For Bedrock


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    While I wish they did this, I doubt they would. Mostly because if they did let players add content, they would probably use JSON, because that's what they're already using with data packs and resource packs. Though Lua could be an optional language for Bedrock's scripting API if Lua could make Custom Behaviors (I don't use Lua so I don't know).

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    I do use Lua frequently. Lua is a scripting language as in python is a scripting language and thus the source can be ran at runtime, no json would be needed if this was implemented to my knowledge. Thus custom ai, items, blocks, etc could be added and not just custom behaviors. That would be ultimately pathetic for such a api.

    Lua is a programming language in the sense that java is a programming language.

    I use the term 'scripting' as in the sense a language like python is ran and loaded.

    I do not use the term 'scripting' in the sense you are using