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    PinkYoshiFan commented
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    Minecraft can't control your actions, so them making 100% accurate predictions would be impossible

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    Maybe you should pitch this idea to a mod maker

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    Reynaldo Spencer commented
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    Maybe the prophet could Instead predict when the next full moon happens, or when It's going to rain. Pinkyoshifan already gave the reasoning This would be easy to Go for that Instead of predicting the end of golems and villagers. They also can track your progress, telling you how many times you've slain a mob, crafted an Item, or died.

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    Layla Pitts commented
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    The game can't predict anything that's possibly player caused and such, but what they could do instead is predict when the next Pillager Patrol will happen by setting a timer that one will spawn between 10 to 100 minutes if the world is ready for one. The same goes for the Wandering Traveler. It could also do this with Thunderstorms to a degree, for Thunderstorms it could set a timer of 3 to 7 in-game days.

    Just some bonus ideas!