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Half of all villiages have an ender dragon instead of an iron golem


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    Reynaldo Spencer commented
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    Having the ender dragon, the final boss of Minecraft, guarding the village would be a rather overwhelming Idea, no to mention atrostic and rather pompus, perhaps even Idiotic. I refuse to believe It would make sense and that mojang would add this, besides, the Ender dragon would end up destroying the village, and It's no guardians angel, obviously. The dragon literally breaks blocks while flying, and It's actually hostile, and on top of that, the ender dragon Is a boss mob with 200 HP, so It's twice the HP of an Iron golem.


    If anything, you should check out the bounty hunter and village pressure Ideas to see how villagers would work combat-wise. Just because players are killing villagers and golems does NOT mean the literal big bad has to attack you. This Isn't Undertale's genocide route, This Is Minecraft. If anything, clay golems make much more sense.

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    I agree. Plus villages are meant to be a helpful part of the game that are useful in the early and late game. Plus all the explosions and dragons breath will kill the villagers, making it even more useless. Also the dragon is a hostile mob, whereas an iron golem is a neutral one, meaning the dragon will automatically attack but a golem will only attack if you attack or threaten them first like Zombified Pigman or an Enderman which makes the whole thing scary and dangerous.

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    This will fix everything wrong with Minecraft, and make the game perfect.

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    So far neither Jack nor pstox have given any good reasons to why we should have a menacing, ruthless chaotic, block breaking flying gigantic beast be some Guardian for the passive villagers. It would literally tear the village apart during raids and when "bad players" attack them making it useless. ...i agree with the clay golem idea though or mercenaries