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Bounty Hunter


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    Reynaldo Spencer commented
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    Finally, a unique mob that punishes villager murder, As Iron golems were kinda easy.


    My way of seeing the bounty hunter Is that they're a human NPC, similar to the player. They have 20 HP and have a very complex AI. they carry Healing potions, as well as potions of speed, strength, and regeneration, and In higher search parties, they will wear Iron and ever so rarely Diamond armor. They could carry by choice a sword or axe for up close combat but either own bows or crossbows When far enough.

    This mob could drop 1-3 leather, their ranged weapon,  4-6 emeralds, 1-4 random positive potions and rarely their armor, and even more rarely their weapon... There could be a 15% chance they could also be using shields.


    As for search parties, you'll start to be ambushed by 1 or 2 while running around the area, minding your business. But If the bounty Is at It's peak, groups of 7 or even 11 will raid your home. They can open doors, target your pets, and even understand redstone, so survival will be difficult..


    Overall, good Idea, dude.

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    Yeah I agree that it shouldn't be a villager that comes to hunt the player because the villagers a 100% peaceful (which is why there are iron golems) how ever I disagree with the idea that they should continue to come back because the player needs a way for the Bounty hunters to stop showing up without the player having to die and lose their XP level and potentially their items.

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    LUBrickon commented
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    I like the idea, with it being the villager equivalent of Illager patrols and raids against those who kill innocent vallagers, though the bounty hunters would likely need to not be villagers as villagers are peaceful. As Reynaldo suggested, perhaps a humanoid NPC, though I would suggest maybe not exactly human. Perhaps smaller, faster, golem like humanoids equipped with sword & shield, axe, or bow. Perhaps they could be clay or wood golems and the weapon's quality could start at iron, with a rare chance that they carry diamond weapons.

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    BOUNTYBOBA64 commented
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    This is an amazing idea for villager law and how about when theres a bounty on your head you get a banner on top of you?

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    Good idea but don't make the bounty hunter a villager , mojang won't have any villagers fight .