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Damage when punching trees


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    PinkYoshiFan commented
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    That would only be fair if you started with an axe no matter what. Otherwise, damage would be unavoidable.

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    Trocron commented
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    I like this idea for realism, although this should not be a thing in any of the modes, except maybe hardcore or hard difficulty, which would add to the challenge. Otherwise, it would just become annoying

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    We don't need realistic Minecraft, we need a fun Minecraft. If I wanted to break my hand on a tree, I'd do it in real life

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    RapidReader commented
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    Just no. This would mess up speed runs, your normal Minecraft day, etc. Just no.

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    MoNkWeLl commented
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    But it would make it more like a survival game

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    No just no it will make damage unavoidable

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    Perhaps in hardcore but I dont really see this being received well. It would probably been seen as an unnecessary annoyance.

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    Kfcplumsauce commented
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    This would be problematic for new players who would then perceive trees as a threat and avoid them, meaning they could never progress.

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    As long as it's toggle able... Only then I'm voting

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    lolipop2364 commented
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    This would be a problem for people in survival that don’t have a starter chest with tools and materials. Collecting wood is essential for Minecraft players to progress. If this was implemented it would drive a lot of survival players away from the game because wood is usually the first thing anyone collect. But not just that, building would become more infuriating to players that don’t feel like getting an axe if they misplaced a wood block. I feel this should not be implemented into the final game. This would overall add nothing to the game’s development.

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    Why why would you do that?

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    ditto2046 commented
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    Yes but probably only for hardcore or something

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    That would take a trademark away from minecraft “Punching Tree’s”

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    masterA999 commented
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    I agree with Michael Savard, as long as it's toggedable (how do you spell it) it should be in the game.

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    iskalluim commented
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    how about No

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    KCARM3L commented
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    No thank you

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    eppsy2006 commented
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    Make it a game rule

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    It will destroy minecraft's raputation and I don't think I'll be happy if this gets real.

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    yoranno commented
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    Pinkyoshifan if you turn bonis chest on you got an axe

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    Not always only sometimes

  • 24
    Jonah Hillier commented
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    No plz.

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    ArmedTDW commented
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    I think that would be more realistic but then we are talking about death by tree if your on low health

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    Vincydroid commented
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    new people already dont know where to start, you'd just make them assume punching trees is the wrong thing to do

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    Gold Capone commented
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    You'd rather make something such as grinding wood even more tedious, other than make it simpler?
    Why not make Tree Capitator something in vanilla. I mean if where talking survival aspects. Shouldn't the tree fall as soon as i break the bottom trunk?

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    RaihaanUsman commented
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    I honestly don't mind taking some form of a penalty for not having the right tools, be it hunger or health, but yeah we should be given the basic wooden tools to prevent getting injured or that's slightly unfair... Plus it stops lazy people not making axes hahaha

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    jammygeez commented
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    Pybro6845 commented
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    Please no, for over ten years the game allowed you to break trees without hurting your self, this would ruin the game.

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    Sightlier360 commented
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    After looking at the comments before this, I think this should be added for hardcore mode.
    In my opinion, it seems little to add to hardcore mode especially when the only difference between hardcore and normal is the damage and health of hostile mobs.

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    There should be a difficulty level for that like a survival difficulty