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End dungeon based on teleportation


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    Some clarifications:

    I don’t know the precise shape of this dungeon but it’s rather linear (not too many side roads) so it would likely be a corridor or more likely a kind of spiral so that Mining Fatigue can come from the center of it.

    Also, on top of this effect, the interior should be mostly made out of obsidian to resist TNT. It’s not possible for piston doors as pistons can’t move obsidian, but it would be the case for the walls with 1×1 holes, and of course all the external walls, floors and ceilings. The outside should look nicer, so a layer of another block should cover the obsidian.

    Many chorus fruits should be found inside as loot, to make sure that the player can always leave. Also, maybe the right way to make it work is to add a special block, on which players teleport themselves if they eat a chorus fruit near enough. This block would be placed at the entry and the player will be able to take it after disabling the Mining Fatigue. If you like this idea, see here.

    I didn’t tell anything about the monsters or treasures you would find inside this special dungeon because this post is only about the teleportation gameplay features of the dungeon. It should be compatible with other ideas about the End. I still have an idea of what the boss could look like but I made a separate post about it so that you can choose to vote for it or not.

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    HappyHonuGirl commented
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    i like this idea. it would make minecraft alot more fun! >o< :)

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    What if, instead of mining fatigue, whatever mob spawns there (if the is one) will attack you, making it nearly impossible to get through by breaking blocks.

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    ThomarWharr I think you would really need many, many hostiles mob to achieve that and it would kill the player. Except if you add a new mob that stops the player without harming him and which have so many life points that you can't get rid of it easily.

    Speaking of mobs, I also think that endermen should regularly spawn inside to supply the player with ender pearls if he or she needs it.

    There are two more things I would like to add to the original post. First, you can complicate the processes for opening doors, for example by putting a button and a door at both ends of a corridor with several turns, or adding the small windows I talked about between them, or jumping elements or high steps you would have to teleport yourself in. At the beginning of the dungeon, it would be simple, but at the end, there would be a real obstacle course!

    Second, about the small windows: to prevent the player from using water or trapdoors to crawl in, they could be smaller than 1×1, using slabs or even stairs. As there are no obsidian slabs or stairs, the window can still be blown up with TNT but in a small room, the player would also take damage. And TNT costs more than ender pearls in the End…