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Skylight Block


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    For skylight block GUI:

    Direction (up, down, north, south, east, west): These will toggle what directions skylight will be emitted in. Can be in multiple directions.

    Brightness: Controls the brightness of the the skylight block. Nullified if Daytime Brightness Sync is toggled on.

    Show Sky (up, down, north, south, east, west,): These will be separate toggles that determine what sides of the skylight blocks the sky is shown on.

    Daytime Brightness Sync: This toggles whether or not the skylight block's brightness is effected by the skylight block's time of day,

    Day Time World Sync: This will toggle whether the daytime shown by the skylight blocks is in sync with the the world day time. If this is toggled on, Day Time and Day Time Rate are nullified. 

    Day Time Local Sync: This will allow the day time configuration settings to be synced with other skylight control blocks using a second sync name. This is separate form the sync name for syncing with the skylight blocks.

    Day Time: The player can set a time here and the time on the skylight blocks will be set to that time when the set button is pressed in the GUI interface or when a redstone signal is applied. If left blank this will do nothing.

    Day Time Rate: This sets the rate of the day cycle. If 0, the daytime of the skylight blocks will stay the same. If 1, the speed of daytime change will be normal. If between 0 and 1, it will be slower accordingly, if greater than 1, it will be faster. If negative, then it will go in reverse.

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    More behaviors of the Skylight Control Block:

    If there is more than one Skylight Control Block with the same sync name, then the last Skylight Control Block to receive a redstone signal will take control.

    Also, a watch can be synced to the Skylight Control Block using the same sync name as the Skylight Blocks. It will also receive this sync name in it's item description.

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    If this were to be implemented into survival mode, maybe the skylight block could have a beacon in the recipe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    That seems like it would make sense and be a fair cost.