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Extract an enchantment from a tool


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    A tool and a book in the grindstone. But instead of receiving xp you loose XP. If you don't have enough xp some enchantments get lost

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    TheBigK300 commented
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    Just what I was going to say, this is a feature that would be awesome to have added in a future update!

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    jajakub 73 commented
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    I think they should add something like "magic anvil" (Magic anvil have the same crafting recipe as the anvil, but there is enchanting table instead of the middle iron ingot. The magic anvil's durrability is 2 times better then the anvil's durrability.) that have three slots- 1. slot is for item that have the enchant you want elsewhere: 2. slot is for the item where you want the enchant; 3. slot is item from 2. slot + the enchants from 1. slot item (the 1. slot item was destroyed). The procedure costs experience points for every extracted enchant.

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    I do not like this idea because you can take ANY enchantment from ANY piece of equipment and put it on ANY other equipment you desire. I think that's too OP. Even with the addition of requiring levels (which practically mean nothing when you have a good XP farm) it is still way to crazy.

    It is possible to obtain enchantments on items without an enchantment table, and this would completely outclass the enchantment table. Using this 'magic anvil' along with the regular anvil completely ruins the use of the enchantment table and the game progression. 

    Finally, I dont think you are supposed to be all picky-choosy with what enchantments you want. This would reduce several hour OP enchantment grinds severely, possibly making them only minutes long.  

    TLDR Sorry. I don't like this idea. Too OP. Not very fitting within the current state of the game