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Fixing the Iron Deficiency


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    AcrimoniousA commented
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    1: Make some crafting recipes cheaper.

    I will only suggest this for the decorative chains and lanterns. Chains can take three iron nuggets in a vertical line to craft, and lanterns could only take 4 nuggets in a diamond pattern around a torch/soul torch to craft.

    2: Make iron ores more common

    This is pretty straightforward, but to add flavour, perhaps they could be more common specifically in abandoned mine shafts or a select few biomes.

    2a: If more iron is boring, perhaps a variant ore could be added that still outputs iron when smelted, such as Hematite, which could be a dark red, darker than redstone as a raw ore.

    3: Underground Structures with iron ingot in its chest loot table.

    I mean, who doesn’t want a cave update? Offtopic aside, they can be generated within caves as abandoned bases, with a bed, torch, blast furnace, and most importantly, a chest with loot similar to the mineshaft minecart if not the same.

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    I think adding a cave specific mob that drops iron nuggets/ ingots would go a long way to fix this problem and help to satisfy everyone's need for a cave update as well.