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Piglin Elemental


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    I’d like to come up with a more advanced suggestion: the piglin zealot.

    In the bastions, we have a piglin brute who guards the area, stopping Invaders with his tough body and golden axe. The zealot could be some sort of scholar or priest of sorts, healing the brutes and summoning possessed armor creatures known as dullahans. They’d have 30 HP and would teleport, leaving a flaming trail as they do so. They could also conjure Pitchforks as a barrage attack and summon pitchforks under you when running away. They’d often move their hands to do this. Alongside these two, the piglins could be forging Minotaurs, primarily stone and gold Minotaurs to guard the bastion, making this broken castle the most dangerous area In Minecraft. Perhaps Zealots could be leading a group of piglins On a patrol, wearing a banner to signify their role as leader. The leader variant could simply be spawned via spawn egg when around a few normal piglins In creative mode, and would have an additional 10 HP, making them a slightly more difficult foe.

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    The magic piglins do is drinking their fire resistance.