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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Tool that places a random block from your hotbar


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    Jack Dundas commented
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    I think this should be a creative only item like barriers

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    JacobLime728 commented
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    Instead of this, I think you should be able to open it up by right-clicking (for bedrock tap and hold for a second like you are breaking something) and it would open 5 different slots. If you put the blocks you want to randomize. Then from there you just act like you are placing a block with it in your hand and it would randomly place a block of the blocks in your wand. (I am just calling it a wand because it would probably be called the wand of randomization. This is what I think this should be like.

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    thisisau ​ commented
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    JacobLime728 the problem with that is that it could possibly be abused to act like shulker boxes in which they could hold blocks while in your inventory