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craftable debug_stick


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    Enchanting a stick

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    nizzaz commented
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    But, why?
    It's called a debug stick cause it's for debugging

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    It could be used to alter block states for decorative factors of builds. There is no way to light a furnace in a purely decorative fashion (without wasting anything), and there is no way to separate fence posts & walls or open barrels without the GUI in non-creative mode builds. The only way to get it is through cheats, which (in survival mode) are, well, cheating. It would remove some of the biggest limitations of some of the (potentially) most useful blocks (fences, stairs, walls, and observers) in survival builds. I am open to a more limited version, and a chance that by enchanting a stick you will get something less useful instead.

    It would also be used in harmless jokes, (ie. flipping all your friend's torches around so they are not attached to the wall, or turning their furnace backwards) trap disarming/detecting, (by changing the block state of the pressure plate, which could be countered with an observer) and protecting your bed from villagers. (occupied=true)

    It would not be too overpowered because you would have to get an enchanting table first, and (more often than not) you can't significantly affect block functionality. (like making a furnace cook without fuel) it also does not have combat application because (from what I know) it does not affect mobs.