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Liquid Gold


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    Just to add more Information

    I'm wondering if a crafting plan of 1x Bucket of Lava surrounded by 8x Iron Ingots could work? If thats too expensive we could always switch out for water instead of lava, or switch down to Iron Nuggets - If its too cheap we could up it to 8x Iron Blocks

    It could possibly be found naturally spawning around lava pockets instead of gold ore, as the temperature near the lava is hot enough to melt the ore down into liquid gold, or it could just be only craftable by players and NOT naturally forming, to seperate it into more of a design option than a resource you need

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    No, I think you should have to smelt a gold block or ingot in a blast furnace and stick a bucket on the right side slot. You can ONLY use a blast furnace because its incredibly hot. I hope this becomes real.

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    Yep. Your recipe could work pretty good actually, and give more reason to use the blast furnace