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Creeper explosions should drop all items from the broken blocks


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    I was under the impression this was intentional so you couldn't just use creepers for mining. I'd be interested if anyone could confirm or deny that.

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    Alex Green commented
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    Yup needs adding along with coordinates when you die. 

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    ChipsNachos commented
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    Creepers are hostile mobs.  This feature would allow them to be used like tools, which I don't think is a good idea.

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    Agree, but only works with player placed blocks. For example, if one were to blow up in your house, the blocks you placed to make your house would drop every block placed by a player, but naturally generated blocks not placed by a player would still drop as they used to do. So you could rebuild the damage of your house, but you could not use creepers as a tool for mining, as not all ores broken would get dropped.