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The crossroads biome


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    Nathan Lewis commented
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    Maybe this could perhaps be an alternate way to the nether. You find this biome in the overworld, and if you travel far enough you'll find yourself in the nether.

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    CardBoard64 commented
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    wow, this is really cool, but maybe it would be the *Past* the border, And possibly it be the end Because, well, you hit the "end"

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    Klem0077 commented
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    Maybe play with height a bit, so you know when you hit it that you hit something messed up. like maybe the world all of the sudden becomes more and more amplified, with more floating islands. I think there also needs to be a reason to find it (besides it looking really cool), and also a ramp up in difficulty?

    Maybe there's a new warped zombie that spawns here. a zombie that's kind of tainted by endermen. Add a bit to endermen lore. along with floating blocks you have the occasional taint of the end coming in.

    This could be a reason to take out the ender dragon? maybe strongholds spawn here. 

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    ETTY 0006 commented
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    Secondo me l'idea è molto carina.Io credo che ci starebbe bene crearla in un altra dimensione parallela al nether come l'end ha il void e in quella dimensione si potrebbe andare dopo aver ucciso il whiter