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(Character Creator) An Ability to Name Your Skin On the Character Creator


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    Yes. That’s a great idea. I have even more suggestions to improve it. (Bedrock edition)

    1. More character slots.
    2. Folders for your characters (for example: ropeplay)
    3. Maybe another emote slot. You could maybe tap/click the center wheel in a menu to access a second page. Tap again to go back.
    4. More cape options
    5. In classic skins, when you import from an image. If that image is a GIF, the skin would be animated. Minecraft would check each frame. If every frame is a valid skin image, then the skin would be animated.


    Character Creator

    1. Option to have filters in the selection menu. They could be “owned or unlock-able (achievements)”, “not owned”, “favorites”, “made by Minecraft”
    2. Favorites: when previewing an item, tap a star icon next to the zooming one. It’s gray-preview will have a star on it. You can also find it in the favorites filter.
    3. A button to make all of the “new” items that are bought have their green diamond removed as a way of saying you saw them.
    4. When previewing an item, an eye icon can be tapped to make everything on your character but the item you are previewing become transparent. This would be useful if you are making a character and it already has a lot of items on it and it may be hard to see your changes.


    All of the icons above can follow the same style as all of the other icons