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Frostwalker Boots should keep players from sinking into Deep Snow


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    super . commented
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    Rewriting this to explain it more:

    Frostwalker Boots should prevent players to sink into the new snow type (Named now Powder Snow)

    Mountains will receive an update (also upgrade). On it, there will be goats and a new type of snow, called Powder Snow.

    This new snow will make players sink on it, similar to quicksand on real life. So, making a way to prevent this will make the new mountains easy to explore, but without making that too easy, or not funny.

    The idea is the next: Making Frostwalker Boots prevent players to sink into the new snow, not only would be useful. It also would make this enchantement more used, because it is very easy to replace it with just boats.

    The advantages are that you can add something new to an existing thing that is related to the current behavior, and that there would be an easy way to climb mountains and travel on their tops (as I said).

    Thanks, please vote for it and give feedback.

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    Gustoboy _ commented
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    I think it's called powder snow

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    zLadin commented
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    It would be a cool feature to see, indeed it could pave its way to be a rarer endgame enchantment so that it wouldn't bother the usage of leather boots as Mojang intend to increase.

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    James Douglas commented
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    Maybe the frost walker boots should turn the powder snow into normal snow

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    JEOPHERNIX commented
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    Oh yeah this is totally common sense