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Orange Leaf Forests (new structure, flower and potion effect)


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    To be honest, this biome could actually be a good idea. Minecraft is lacking different types of wood, and this biome could help to solve this problem.

    But, I must say that the fact there are guardians and hoglins in your "Wooden Temple" idea is kind of bothering me because it feels like they don't have any reasons to be there.

    I really like the idea that a NEW flower can be used to make a new potion, plus, the effect you came up is actually very interesting.

    One last thing about the "Wooden Temple" : The fact that it doesn't possess any loot is bothering me. I get the idea that you see it as a trap, but, once you've fell into it, you will always know there isn't anything interesting with this structure and players will quickly forget about it. This is my idea : Why not put a simple parkour for the player (to add a bit of excitement), leave the mob traps under this parkour challenge and, at the end, put a little treasure chamber with some loot in it. Now i have an idea for your "Hortensia Fear". The idea is great, but, it should have a limit : I was thinking that "Hortensia Fear I" should be able to scare mobs that are close to you. That means that range mobs such as skeletons should still be able to attack you from far. Now, if the treasure room had some loot, why not introduce a new item that could be used in a brewing stand and that, combined with "Hortensia Fear I" gives you "Hortensia Fear II" which should be strong enough to scare skeletons.

    Anyway, nice idea ;)

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    The idea of the biome is amazing. I really like the idea of a new plant and tree type. Maybe the biome can have shrubs? And they can add orange panda specific to this biome or a new mob like martens. (Martens are small as the size of cats and the can climb trees).
    I really liked the structure you describe and I think this biome may fit nicely into the game.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, you are awesome.
    And yes, these mobs could be in a 2° floor of the dome and you have to parkour. Here there could be kind of exotic mobs (ocelot, polar bears, zoglin, guardian, tropical fish in an aquarium, husks, etc.) like someone captured those in the past. IMPORTANT: No fire or explosive mobs like ghasts. You can find barrels with loot as well, with interesting blocks in it. 

    And yes, your nerfing humanoid fear idea is nice. 

    Orange Pandas would fit nicely into the biome, and shrubs could be next to hydrangeas. I was thinking of a hostile mob, that could be a variation of the zombie or the creeper, that is inmune to every effect, including Humanoid Fear. This mob could deal more damage as well. 

    Another thing: Overworld Hostile mobs don't include endermen or interdimesional travelers with a foreign homeland.