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1 in 100 large warped fungus "trees" should generate upsidedown


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    GetPetyaLegit commented
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    This makes sense as it will add up to the upside-down growing vines in warped forests. Also, maybe some warped trees generate on the ceiling of the biome?

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    zTrvst commented
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    I agree with this statement, this will make the forest feel more "unique". Perhaps the tree could spawn from the ceiling rather than on the ground. However, while I think the warped forest is quite unique lore wise (Endermen spawning in abundance), I feel like they need to do more than just make Endermen spawn and recolour a biome to make it greatly contrast with the crimson. Perhaps a new structure unique to the warped forest would be good (don't know what it should be though, sorry).

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    Do you mean generating on the roof upside down?

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    James Cumming commented
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    I like this idea. It wouldn't add much to the biome, but it could be a fun little idea that would make the biome slightly more interesting. You have my vote.

    Verdict: A small change, but a good one deserving of a vote.

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    MythicFunk commented
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    I like the idea, but it would probably make more sense to have them grow upside down from roof tops instead. Also, it would fit with both biomes

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    John Trono commented
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    I love this idea you made there, making some of the huge warped fungus grow from the nether roof or growing upside down will make the warped forest feel more special and different from the crimson forest. Especially with this other idea of the huge warped fungus at https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360058281191-Different-huge-warped-fungus in feedback