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Enchanting Tables and Lapis Lazuli


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    Bojayzee commented
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    Omg, this is such a good idea. Nether quartz currently has no use apart from blocks and the nautilus shell has no use at all. Great idea.

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    Maxime6507 commented
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    I already saw some of your ideas, and I really like them. First of all, thanks for actually coming up with well constructed ideas.

    Now for this idea, I also think it's a great one. It definitely makes non-used items more interesting and that's what Minecraft needs : make non-used items/features more usefull. This idea brings up a lot of possibilities but I think we need to stick to the fact of using non-used rare items. The Nautilus Shell is perfect but, I must say, using Nether Quartz maybe isn't the best thing to do because Nether Quartz is extremely common, oftenly used for buildings and also used with mending tools to repare them.

    Anyway, great idea too, can't wait to see your other ideas. And if you want you can also check out mine too :D