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Wandering Traders breeding with villagers


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    I agree that they should be able breed, but not change to a normal villager. I think when they breed they should no longer despawn allowing you to keep them if they have a good trade like sand or packed/blue ice (especially sand, since it's the only renewable way to farm it). In doing so, you will earn an advancement (possibly called  "Stay a While") for breeding a wandering trader with a villager or another wandering trader. The child will always be a villager, even if both parents are wandering traders, because the point is they have settled down. Breeding two wandering traders could be another way of getting villagers if you don't have a village nearby or the ability to cure zombie villagers. 

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    I had the idea that if there are not enough Villagers in a Village (AKA work stations available) Wandering Traders will become normal Villagers and take the job. Also, if there are too many Villagers in a Village (AKA all work stations are filled and there are still extra Villagers), then jobless Villagers and/or Nitwits will become Wandering Traders and leave the Village