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Flower Desert


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    I agree with this idea

    Maybe rivers, lakes, ponds and villages would generate more in this biome. Also, I think this area would be more likely to spawn baby forms of mobs, being a kind of sheltered biome.

    Do you think "strange mountains" would be like the shattered savanna? 

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    James Cumming commented
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    The Good: Interesting concept,  I like the idea of it being a hybrid biome.

    The Bad: What does this add? I feel like its cool but has very little purpose.

    The Ugly: Cool idea, but I can't see this biome meriting exploration.


    Verdict: Nice idea, but you'll have to convince me if you want a vote.


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    Danno256 commented
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    Maby rare flowers could spawn, Maby cyan flowers and roses could be added back for this biome, and any cactus in the biome will be blooming