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Gilded Blackstone crafting recipe


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    I think that by surrounding the Blackstone in and crafting table with the ingots is enough, or just four in a cross pattern. I don't feel like the smithing table is the best place to do it

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    PKMNmstrcass commented
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    I agree that it should be craftable. As it stands now, it is too rare. I think it should be crafted in a crafting table though a-posed to the smithing table. Perhaps the recipe can be a Blackstone surrounded by gold nuggets.

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    I was thinking about crafting it in a crafting table with gold nuggets and blackstone. But a Smithing Table is a much more creative idea as gilded is defined as to coat thinly with gold leaf or paint. Isn't that what we do to our diamond tools and armor? We technically just coat it with netherite. So making a Gilded Blackstone is just imbuing it with gold. A blackstone upgraded with a gold ingot to get a gilded blackstone.