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Add a way to learn more about blocks, plants and animals


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    So what your saying in short tearms you want Minecraft to add a bestiary for all the items mobs and enchantments in the game 

    We need this

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    Crapoucrix commented
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    I hadn't thought of a bestiary. At first, it has been just to learn more about the origin of animals or plants that we could see in Minecraft, but your idea is very good. Below or above the descriptions of the blocks (plant or other) there could be the place where we have found them and where we can find them (like in other biomes that we don't already have been).

    But for this to not to be too strong, at the start it could just record where we found a block, plant or animal and leave question marks in place of the biomes that we have not yet discovered and where we can find the block.

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    I think we should call it the minepedia. I think it should also explain in-game information about the item.