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Shulker Plate Armor


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    Nathan Lewis commented
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    I think the shulker plate armor should spawn back at the end gateway you came through, when it falls in the Void.

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    Neel Smith commented
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    Armor does kinda make sense,but i would think it would just be the helmet,because the shulker shell is literally a helmet,but this is a good idea

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    Gamegod7986 commented
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    What if you never lose it in your inventory

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    Blast Burner commented
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    I like the idea for the shulker plate armor. However, because of its defensive property, it should have more defense instead of making the player lighter. The shulker mob makes the levitation, not the shell itself.

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    cranzag commented
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    It could just be a dyable helmet that looks like a Netherite Helmet