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lighting entities on fire with flint and steel


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    Thats not how bad minecraft physics are, think yourself, rubbing 2 stones on wood lights it, that is basically what flint and steel is. Its not possible to light a human by rubbing 2 stones on him. Just light the block below the entity and the entity will catch fire.

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    Blaxtorix commented
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    mubash, then why are we able to use it on stone in game? How do we start a fire on stone with only flint and steel?
    I understand your point but the physics of a game can't be perfect nor applied to every small detail, otherwise it would become to complexe to play and players wouldn't play anymore (for that we have real life xD).
    From what is already ingame, if an entity goes through fire set from flint and steel on stone, it will catch fire. It is how it is and it works, it's simple, great.
    What we're asking is being able to light an entity directly on fire by clicking on it. For me it's mostly because it is near impossible to do it on the ground when there is grass everywhere. That or change how grass is set on fire, for exemple, from whatever side you light grass on fire, left, right, top,.. it could be set to always burn on top or even when using flint and steel on grass, replace it by fire, something like that, there are many options that could be tested. Any other way would be better to how it is now, lighting grass from the side will start a fire on the block next to the gass :(
    mubash, try it how it is now and you'll understand :/