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We welcome feedback about menus, toggles on menus, buttons on menus, input devices (like touch controls and keyboards), and Minecraft’s interface. How do you play? What would make it better?


Cambio de camara con un botón


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    Justo iba a comentar eso, pero seria mejor que la opcion del ojo en la pantalla sea opcional , osea que sea una opcion habilitable desde ajustes

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    Cambiar y que se pueda cambiar tu fecha que le pusiste al juego

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    TheSkyDad commented
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    (Translation for English speakers and Developers)

    Darckube: Toggle camera with an on-screen button

    This button would be located at the top of the screen, next to the emotes, pause and chat buttons, and would look like an eye. Its function would be to toggle from 1st to 3rd person, which would be much better than having to go into settings to change it. 


    TheSkyDad: This would be Mobile and all other versions (even for PC where there is a keyboard shortcut for this already). Us Mobile players need it the most.