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Interaction between villagers and chests


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    Gintoki1987 commented
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    Villagers have never been able to interact with chests before.

    I think villagers being able to put things in and taking things out of chests might lead to more problems than it is worth it to implement this feature.

    But having them "pretend" to interact with chests by making them just look into a chest without taking/placing anything would make the game a bit more immersive. Perhaps even have them hold a random item in their hand when doing so as to indicate they are putting something in or taking something out of the chest despite them actually not doing so.

    Alternatively if they should be able to put/take items in/out of chests, it should be limited to only be chests placed next to their beds, sort of indicating that is their personal chest. But that leads the question on to what should the villager then take/put into its chest? They dont really pickup or carry items around except for food they share with each other and use for breeding.

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    Great idea! I think they should have a rare chance of putting valuable things in it depending on their trade. E.g. armor smiths put armor in chests. Also fishermen should go in barrels (you know what I mean)

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    What if they only took what they needed and if the chest was full they’d get mad. They’d also be able to see if they’re stuff was missing. This would cause them to avoid the player and not trade with them at all. Villagers would place different things in the chests depending on the professions. Unemployed villagers will look at the chest and have a 15% chance of becoming the profession based on the items.