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Minecraft Bedrock should have own Crowdin translation project


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    bean8280 commented
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    I agree. There are too many wrong translations. must activate crowdin!

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    罗 海匀 commented
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    I agree.The translation quality of Minecraft Bedrock Edition in other languages is too poor, especially some languages completely different from English, such as Chinese. If the translation quality is improved, the game experience will be greatly improved.

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    HappyPastaz commented
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    Apparently Mojang hires "professional" translation firms for Bedrock edition, but the results are often inaccurate, low quality or don’t make sense in the context of the game. 

    Another annoying aspect are the differences between translations on Java and Bedrock, which causes confusion.

    I don’t understand why they made this choice either because 95% of the strings can be shared between the editions. The Crowdin project would simply need to be split into Common strings (all the items, blocks, mobs etc.), Java-specific strings and Bedrock-specific strings.

    I hope this can be done as soon as possible. In the meantime we can at least use unofficial packages (like the "Translations" addon which ports Java translations into Bedrock) 

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    PaYeBi commented
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    if BE translation is high quality, this is just a common feedback. however, as you know, there are too many wrong words.

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    SrNatthan commented
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    Yes, Minecraft translations are very bad. I am Brazilian and the translation of some items into the Portuguese language is meaningless.
    Piglin, is translated as "Porcolino". In my opinion, certain mobs do not need translation, the Enderman and the Creeper for example are called by their original names.