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Wither Skeletons guarding ruined nether portals


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    Evan Diaz commented
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    Skeletons with gold helmets should guard the overworld ones

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    TheYodaloop commented
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    This is a great idea, although I would make it so that there's a chance anywhere from 0 to 2 that wither/normal skeletons spawn near them. That way players won't have to deal with them for every single ruined portal they find, but only for some of the portals.

    Additionally, the size of a portal could also make it more likely for 0 to 3 wither/normal skeletons to spawn, since their size signifies that they were more important than some of the smaller portals once.

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    Adding a new variant with that would make it interesting. Like a range/flying creature

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    MarcMine4507 commented
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    i think its a good idea that there should be gaurding portals

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    tomi4443321 commented
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    The ruined portals are pretty often to me, just like sunken ships but the whole map is filled with those random stuff. Adding such a challenge will be quite interesting to see!