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The Outlands of the End


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    This is how I imagine the Outlands would generate. I also put in potential features just to show what's possible.

    -Void woods are made up of purple void trees that can be crafted into white planks.

    -End lakes give effects, like potions, some could give good effects like night vision or resistance, others debuff the player with slowness, or when entered, enrage all Endermen within a twenty block radius. Best part is, it is impossible to tell what effect it gives until after you've jumped in.

    -Chorissian Cliff villages are structures that generate on the side of islands. They could be inhabited by a new End race (which I've decided to name Chorissians, playing around with the word "chorus"). Think, short, grey Endermen wearing wizard robes. They could maybe be traded with to obtain otherwise inaccessible potions or enchantments (for example, a book with Sharpness VI or a potion of healing III).

    These are just a few possibilities.

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    Vinecraft46 commented
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    Amazing post! I'm thinking of suggesting new biomes for the end. If the nether gets updated, the end should as well. Great post!

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    Ya Boi Kronos commented
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    I love how this idea keeps the old End while still adding something new. This idea has so much potential and I'd love to see more things like this in Minecraft. Keep creating great ideas!