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Cartographers updating maps


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    Gintoki1987 commented
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    I totally agree that I would like to see more villagers actually do some real work other than just playing and pretend next to their workstaions :P

    And I like the idea of the cartographer actually doing stuff with maps. It should definetly look at maps placed near its jobsites.

    How would the cartographer update the maps? by taking it down and hold it in its hand for a short while and then put it back in the itemframe it came from and then it would be updated? And should this be applicable to maps of any part of the world? As you pointed out yourself, this might cause a lot of unwanted lag if the areas of the world on the map has to be loaded for the map to be updated.
    Perhaps it should be limited to a certain size of maps and also perhaps only maps of the local area.

    But another idea. Task the cartographer to walk around the village boundary and then place a couple of banners to show to mark out the boundary.
    Alternatively have the cartographer sell a special map of the current village it resides in that has a green outline showing the exact border of the village. A player can then use this to determine where to build a wall around as a defence against illagers/raids.

    I would also really like for the cartographer to sell an explorer map of other villages and not just woodland mansions and ocean monuments. Perhaps also explorer maps of Pillager Towers.

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    shadaik commented
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    Ooh, I like the idea of getting a way to help see village boundaries instead of basically guestimating.

    Mechanically, I think it does make the most sense to do this with nearby maps and one map per day. This would make it possible to have the cartographer pick up a map, maybe even walk into the middle of the area in the map, and update it.

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    Yes, and then we can make up more, like fishermen fish, and armorer equip armor, and stuff like that with all the villagers (including nitwits who should roam around ruining other people's jobs)!