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Underground forest


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    Trees, grass, and flowers could produce bioluminescent light with level 5. Leaves should be different colors such as light blue, pink, and yellow. They should have a glow on blocks 1 or 2 away. This will give those blocks a slight color. This biome could also introduce new dye colors made from the new flowers that grow here. The flowers could need light level between 3 - 7 to spawn.

    This biome should also include Crystals as mentioned in other posts. They would grow from walls, ceiling and floor. The crystals should come in different colors and also glow. Crystals could be mined with a pickaxes. Afterwards they drop shards which have to be crafted back into the crystals. When a torch is placed next to the crystal, the light passing through the crystal creates a colored pattern on the blocks lit by the torch.

    The biome would also introduce an opportunity for new animals or mobs. Although I do not have any ideas for those right now.

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    Kazoojeans commented
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    Most trees can’t grow underground but that’ll only make the underground trees addition more intriguing and unique

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    An idea for an enemy could be a wooden golem. It wount attack you naturally only if you destroy underground trees or flowers. It would have the figure of a Zombie ( because it probably is a little crowded in the underground forest. The player can build the golem with cristal blocks ( cristals from other comments).

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    ShinyMew76 commented
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    The new wood could be called shady wood! It would be dark brown with slight areas of white or a color similar to birch! It would grow in the dark and actually glow in the dark too, so you could make a house without torches because the wood would generate light!

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    Mrzealot9763 commented
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    This is a very cool idea. It should be like mooshroom islands where hostile mobs don’t spawn. There should be a new passive or peaceful mob there too. Maybe a troll or a pixie or something.