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String and Cobweb Should be able to burn


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    I think it would make the iconic cobweb lava trap harder to make, but I agree anyway. Mineshafts are the most annoying part of the game as cave spiders have higher reach than ravagers! The only way to deal with cave spiders is lava, so I wouldn't mind watching their home burn down as well.

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    SlayDigger commented
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    You could lay down a path of string as a fuse for tnt!

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    I think that burning string would not trigger a tripwire hook, considering that no force is being applied to the string. Flaming cobwebs and string should also be able to set you on fire if it is on fire, like any other burning object. Maybe you could put string and blaze powder together in a crafting table to get string that isn’t flammable, and retains any burning property forever.

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    Jravesteijn commented
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    Burning cobweb is fine I guess, but string is incredibly useful as a fire proofing material, as it is almost invisible. Aside of that, I hate the look of a non full block burning, as it just leaves the fire floating in the air