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The Abyss


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    Super Creative and atmospheric! I would love this to be added to the game. For some reason the idea reminds me of Davy Jones Locker from Pirates of the Carribean, but infinite black nothingness in lnstead of white rocks!!

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    Random idea, maybe the Abyss could be an area where people from the overworld could go through it leading to the nether and people from nether to the overworld? It could be some sort of gateway without having to find obsidian? But still hard to travel throughout!

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    Totally, Frostplayz152! There would be ruine portals scattered all about, and with the obsidian pillars, you could find your way back to the overworld. How funny it would be, just going into the nether with all your gear, and then "plop". Nothing. You can't see, it's kinda eerie, and you get lost without your soul fire lanterns/torches.