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(Nether Update): The Blazing Hollows Biome


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    Nathan Lewis commented
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    I think the name should be the Blazing Hollows, because that seems to fit the description better.

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    Ejb Mario commented
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    Thanks for the input. Blazing hollows sounds just about right actually. Not sure why I didn't think of it earlier.

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    GamerAJ1025 commented
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    I am not too keen on the idea of lots if ores but I do like the theme. We have Soulsand Valley and Basalt Deltas which are colder seeming biomes, the two Forest biomes which are medium and we have the Wastes which are hot. But they are bland and a bit plain so I think that these ‘Blazing Hollows’ make for a good change up. The Nether is supposed to be the burning underworld but I fear it is becoming too hospitable in the new update; a new, unreckonable danger in the deeps would certainly make the Nether a challenge again.

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    Sounds perfect! You’ve got my vote!

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    tooleetah commented
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