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Pillagers sit next to campfire at night


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    Once you see them, you would have to sneak in order of not being heard.

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    DrPlatipi commented
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    Reminds me of bokoblins in breath of the wild, love it!

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    Burger Eater commented
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    some of them should be unarmed with their crossbow next to them. you said they were telling scary stories, so if you have a invisibility potion, you can pick up their things, throw stuff at them, and hurt them. eventually they will get scared and run away, then you get an advancement/achicment called "BOO"

    also it should be some more illagers as well.

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    Haruneko125 commented
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    Maybe they could be neutral in situations like that, to add more depth to the pillager characters. They could act suspicious of you when you arrive, like piglins, but as long as you are not hurting them or stealing their stuff, they might let you join them. They would attack if you hold a weapon, totem of undying, or other combat-related gear, or if you are wearing armor that isn't leather, or elytra. They would flee if you wear a pumpkin on your head as you approach them. This would not apply for witches or other higher class illagers, just the pillagers and indicators. This could happen at a special pillager-camp structure.

    Maybe this would open a window to a more advanced pillager society, exiled from villages for not agreeing with their total-pacifist style. They may even trade with players and wandering traders like piglins, except they may try to kill you if you try to trade something not worth their time.

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    HB Firesword commented
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    I think that is great. Mojang should make it where they don't attack when doing this.