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Replace account error -9 popup message with a simple offline indicator


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    Great change

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    Actually being offline is only one cause of this particular error message. For sure the game should be able to detect if you are offline and not give you this message in that situation.

    However, there are also many people getting "Account Error -9" when they are online and this is being tracked as a bug at MCPE-62421. There has been an upsurge in this on Android devices as Android has recently pushed its Android 10 OS updgrade and it seems that Android 10 doesn't like the way Minecraft implements OAuth. This points to "Account Error -9" reflecting an authentication failure due to Minecraft not being able to communicate properly with XBoxLive. This is really dumb as Minecraft, OAuth, and XBoxLive are all Microsoft products to my knowledge.

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    Thank you so much for the info and now I know why error 9 keeps popping up