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Armor smelting


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    I think an better implementation of this idea would be if you would put an piece of armor in an anvil or other block you can get the option to salvage it.
    Your idea is nice but practicality it woudent add much to the game

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    I'd say double the amount of nuggets.

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    I like this idea, but I think you should get more nuggets. I agree the durability should decrease the amount you get. A breastplate (gold or iron) takes 8 ingots and 1 ingot is the same as 9 nuggets, so each breastplate costs 8*9 = 72 nuggets to craft. In the same vein other pieces of armour, weapons and tools cost the following amounts: boots 36, helmet 45, leggings 63, sword 18, shears 18, hoe 18, axe 27, pickaxe 27, shield 9 and shovel 9.

    I think you should get half the material you used to craft it, minus the percentage of durability lost, in nugget form. So smelting a breastplate with full durability gets you 72/2 - (72/2 * 0%) = 36 nuggets, or 4 ingots. Smelting a breastplate at half durability gives you 72/2 - (72/2 * 50%) = 18 nuggets, or 2 ingots. Smelting a sword at 10% durability gives you 18/2 - (18/2 * 90%) = 9 - 8.1 = 0.9 nuggets, rounded down to 0.

    This would prevent gold farms in the nether from giving you too much gold through dropped gold swords, but would let you get back material if you didn't use it.