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(Nether Update) A violet nether forest biome


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    Catcadev commented
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    Perhaps this biome could include very large and incredibly twisted trees, and odd-looking fungi. This biome could have been a combination of the crimson and warped forests, and as such be inherently weird and corrupted. By this I mean a toxic and unnatural looking biome.

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    Landen Burns commented
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    violet fungi? maybe change the name from violet to somethin else

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    I was just about to suggest the idea, but I found this instead. My idea was to make the Violet Forest a kind of "haunted" biome that has undead mobs such as phantoms, skeletons, wither skeletons, and zombified piglins. Living mobs don't actually spawn within.

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    I like your idea of a violet forest biome, however it should be an extremely rare biome akin to jungles edge that appears between a crimson and warped forest.

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    Adam Hilburn commented
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    This could be a great chance to add one or two new mobs and structures,

    And who knows,

    Maybe the plants could grow sideways and upside down here as well?

    Maybe change it from Violet to somethin' more eloquent?


    Just an idea...

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    minecraft pro commented
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    We can do a new boss, e.g.: ancient spirits, they would drop ancient debris, so they would have 50 hearts of health, and they would summon spirit helpers, they would spawn in the violet forest

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    A new mob for this biome could be the Shroomstag, a purple-furred beast that would lower it’s antlers and charge when provoked. Maybe Amethyst Ore could be found here as well.