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Baby Villagers Studying


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    Maybe a player could manipulate the studying habits somehow so when the villiger grows up they will have certain trades available. Give the pupil unbreaking books and they will be guaranteed to trade unbreaking books as a librarian or unbreaking gear, tools, weapons as tool/weaponsmith.

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    Yeah, that way the idea that players can just reload workstations can get nerfed and players have to stick with villagers throughout their life to get them the trades the players want.

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    SaltyTreatz75 commented
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    This will make them more alive. I love it!

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    Villager BS commented
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    That's a great idea

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    Why not to be generated a school in the village? I think it would be nice :), I also think that when daytime reach xxxxx(e.g: 04500) they could run to school and select a random class, and when the daytime reach xxxxx(e.g: 10000) they could exit the school and play with other kids :D