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Soul soil should slow the player down


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    Logan Teague commented
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    that’s because it’s soil, which is basically tilted dirt. the soul sand slows players down because it’s sand.

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    QuestinHowl commented
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    What if soul soil gave you a different effect, maybe halved your jump height? It would also slow you down that way when sprinting+jumping long distances

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    This wouldn’t make sense now that they’re adding the soul speed enchantment. The effects would cancel out.

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    If soul soul slowed you down, it would be functionally no different from soul sand. It would also make the soul sand valley too much of a pain to navigate without soul speed. The biome is already quite dangerous due to the high spawn rate of ghasts, which will also create soul fire(does twice as much damage as normal fire) with their fireballs when then hit soul sand/soil.