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Rework Infinite Water Sources


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    Jaguar Falcon commented
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    It's a neat idea, but I personally have to disagree with it. It would just make the game too irritating

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    Jaguar Falcon I don't think it would be irritating simply because you would still have access to infinite water, the only change being that you're pulling it from an actual water source such as a river or lake, and you could manipulate or even create these sources in any number of ways. This applies to transferring water via bucket, but for more fine work you could just as easily place specific blocks of ice to break or melt them into their intricate positions. I would also propose buckets could be filled from flowing water as well, no longer requiring you to click on water sources themselves, this eases things even further as you could create a modest downhill stream stemming from aforementioned river, lake, or ocean, routing into your base an accessible and renewable source of water- an important resource to design gameplay around.