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Cryoampelos (Frost Fruit plant of the Nether)


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    This could work, but I'm not seeing it. The nether is extremely hot. This suggested biome is cold. If there were clues put in that some freak accident or mutation of sorts happened to make this small area cold rather than intensely hot, I'd buy it and it'd even be really cool (no pun intended). I can't see any other way of this working though.

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    Bryan Massey commented
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    This plant is a species related to the Weeping Vines and Chorus Plants which evolved so it can survive in the cold Polar Chasm of the hot Nether dimension. Also, if you voted for this plant, you should vote for the biome it would spawn in; the Polar Chasm.

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    Bryan Massey commented
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    Jigglypuff. There are two reasons why the Polar Chasm is a cold biome in a hot dimension 

    One. The biome only spawns ether at very high or very low altitudes. This is a reference to the equator’s temperature. The further you get away from it, the colder the temperature becomes.
    Two. There is a large amount of Cryooze. A deadly version of Liquid Nitrogen that glows like blue ice, but feels like dense water. Most of the biome’s residents are immune to it though.