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Ash Geyser Biome


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    This sounds like a good Nether biome. Maybe it is also composed of a decent amount of basalt and magma blocks. It could also spawn more magma cubes than normal.

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    Wehushi Sushi commented
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    This would be one of my favorite bioms if it would exist

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    aslangames commented
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    Sounds amazing, just a few problems, unless you're going for the black-orange vibe I'm worried it will look too much like the soul sand valley. I think basalt pillars could help support the roof of the biome; I love the geysers but I think spitting out resources could be a little overpowered.

    Still could be a brilliant place for Nether gold ore to spawn more commonly. I was interested whether cinder weeds would have saplings or fungi or are they actually burnt fungi? I think it could be interesting if flammables like overworld planks just spontaneously sets on fire there.