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Potion of Unbound Soul


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    I think it would be a bit too OP.

    But if we removed the ability to floating through walls and invisibility + made it so effect ends when either your body or "the ghost get hit. I think it would be a really cool addition to the game.

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    Lynn Kelly commented
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    I agree with the previous statement and I think that when you are in that form you should have to male it back to the body before the potion runs out else you and your body will die because your soul is separated from your body.

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    Je trouve que cela pourrait être une idée amusante, mais il faudrait une courte durée de potions. L'idée que notre "corp" reste n'est pas mal non plus !

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    So long as your body is safe you're fine? Kinda OP since you can block yourself in somewhere. Add Soul Stalkers, mobs that only spawn when you Soul Walk. They'll act as Boo from Mario, only moving and attacking when your back is turned. And Soul Mites, mobs that have a chance of spawning in groups of 5 and higher whenever you drink the potion. When your Soul Hearts go down, you return to your body

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    A soul fire blaze would be cool, but maybe regular souls should drop the soul powder, or both.

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    José ValAce commented
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    My deleted post about Soul Blazes:

    Soul Blazes are a variation of the classical blaze, that instead of throwing normal fire charges they throw soul fire charges that deal more damage, making them tougher. 

    They could have another features such as:

    • Higher health (30 points)
    • Can detect you from higher distances 
    • Smaller hitbox so they can pass through small gaps like ghosts. 
    • Snowballs deal them more damage than to classic Blazes.

    About drops: They drop soul blaze rods, which can be used to power brewing stands. Making soul blaze powder you can use it to make ender eyes as well. You can use it for a potion effect too (this post). 

    They could spawn in soulsand valleys or in a separate spawner in fortresses. 

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    arktsunami commented
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    Ok I love the idea but it has to be harder to get it is way too op