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Remove rude title screen messages


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    Hello folks!

    Please remember this feedback is open to all kinds of feedback, even feedback you don't like. Please keep your comments constructive and relevant.

    There are a lot of people in this thread who right now would benefit from re-reading the Posting Guidelines. In fact, let's link it here so we remember that personal attacks are actually something that go against our rules and are absolutely not tolerated.



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    yoavboaz commented
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    first of all notch sold the game to microsoft, they can do whatever they want with it without his permission

    secondly I think it's just a joke and it isn't need to get too seriously

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    Col8torF commented
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    Yoavboaz is right. This ain't really something to have a fit about

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    Irrelevant. Firstly, Notch is not a part of the team now so his contribution past selling the game ended and secondly "Not on Steam!!!" is not offensive.

    "Not on Steam!!!" simply states that the game is not on steam which is an unoffensive and true statement.

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    Pie Not Lie commented
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    "Not on Steam!!!" is just a fact. Also, it was a splash added in Indev. Notch knows about it. So does valve, as the Top Notch item was added after Indev. The item was added in Nov. 2011. You might want to do a little more research before you post on the feedback forum. It's a bad sign when one person can dispute your argument in 2 Google searches.

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    These splash messages are made in a good light, they were never meant to attack any other company.

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    Flameocon13 commented
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    To be honest, I agree with everyone that this is not a big deal, and we shouldn't worry about it this game is for Microsoft and they are just trying to put some humor for the players. This is not an offensive message just a simple little joke.

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    Z0NCH commented
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    Out of all the things you can ask for you want them to get rid of "rude" messages? Worst request ever

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    Stubz702 commented
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    This has 4 more votes than it should. This is not a problem and it doesn’t need to be changed

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    It's honestly jokes for fun. I don't see them as being "rude" and I'm sure almost everyone feel the same way

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    You know the people who say it's just a joke are the first ones who get upset when they are the target.
    I'm getting sick of people doing rude things and then trying to get away with it by saying it's just a joke.
    You guys do what you want, but I think it's rude and it's not a joke.

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    RollingTheOC commented
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    I'm sorry...? How is this proper feedback? This has nothing to do with the gameplay. Next you're going to say the "also try" splashes are offensive. May I point out the environment of steam at the time and the decision to self publish being a risky move? This little jab was a joke and not offensive to Valve or Steam, in fact, I'm pretty sure it was an effective move to introduce new PC players to give steam a go. We've seen splashes leave rotation, like holidays involving notch and his girlfriend at the time, but "rude" splashes that poke fun add to the variety.

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    I never once in my life thought I would see someone offended by minecraft, it seemed too pure to upset anyone

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    ultiseth commented
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    Actually not even a joke (and most certainly not offensive), because a while back, people were uploading Minecraft to Steam and trying to sell it

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    Bro u need to chill it is just a joke when I saw it I laughed and moved on i think u should do the same it a joke and if u don't like it don't play the game.

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    I smell bait.

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    KagemaneTom commented
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    OK, george200m, Do you honestly think it was meant in a slanderous way? Because think of it like this, if it was meant seriously don't you think Valve and the others would get their Lawyers involved to remove it? If the company's being refenced know its a bit of humour, then why can't you see that?

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    Behemoth0r commented
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    I remember reading this back in 2011 when the game was beta, so ist was possibly even added by notch himself. Also, if I remember correctly, this was not added to discretize Steam, it was added because Minecraft was about to become bigger and the game was going viral. However, most people did not know, where to buy the game, and tried to look it up on Steam, so they added this message for fun.

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    But... its not on steam!

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    Nhoque3786 commented
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    Dude is just a joke, is not to have to take this way.

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    Why would other companies even give a crap

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    That message is ANCIENT.you can see in b1.7.3
    And in older versions.And it isn't rude at all.

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    Calke76 commented
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    If, and it's a big IF, any of the companies mentioned are offended by the messages I'm sure they're more than able to raise the issue themselves, likely via legal methods.

    The fact that they haven't chosen to do anything suggests they aren't offended and probably couldn't care less or see it as the joke it's intended to be.

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    Pipeguy123 commented
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    You do realize that those messages were added when Notch was still working on the game back in Beta... right?

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    NoraTheMuse commented
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    This is ridiculous, I don't agree with everyone saying that Notch's contributions shouldn't be respected, because he is the creator of the game and is worthy of respect, however these title screens just simply are non-offensive little jokes that shouldn't be taken seriously.

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    Nyrsaeans commented
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    Guess what! It's "Not on Steam!!!" Ooops! Didn't mean to offend anyone!

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    FlaviusFire commented
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    Whether or not this is a troll, think about what you're saying. Minecraft is literally the biggest game of all time, do you really think the devs are going to risk someone potentially suing them over a remotely offensive splash text?

    You're going to have to come up with some better examples than "Not on Steam!" It isn't on Steam.

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    LateAtNight48 commented
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    I agree with you! Minecraft is sorta being offensive.

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    Coolfred6185 commented
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    This makes no sense. I thought it was going to be some sort of racist title screen, but offending a company?

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    Swiftyhood commented
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    It doesn't matter every company makes fun of each other no matter what if it's on purpose or by accident