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Arborist Villager


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    No caso seria algo como, 'carpinteiro'.

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    This idea is creative and original! I like it!

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    Maybe a villager job being Woodcutter/Carpenter

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    TertialBread5 commented
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    I 100% agree, with all the new professions for villagers and alternative ways through trading to get various resources, I feel that the various wood blocks and trees have been left out. 

    Sure a wandering trader can come by and you can get saplings from them and a fletcher has the stick trade for emeralds.  But an "arborist" or "wood cutter" could trade for raw wood materials for emeralds and at higher levels work as a "carpenter" and offer more finished wood products, fence materials, slabs, ladders. stairs, planks, etc for emeralds.  Much like the Mason that gives access to glazed terracotta's at higher levels of trading, 

    Not everyone enjoys cutting down trees for days or building large redstone contraptions to "farm" wood blocks for large building projects :)  This would provide another element to the village system for a resource that wasn't properly included in the villager update.

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    I think an ideal for this would have two new professions: Carpenter & Gardener.

    The woodworking carpenter fills a niche with wood products, and a gardener could fill the role of arborist whilst also taking care of more than just the trees. They could create planters, tend gardens, pick flowers, sell dyes, etc.